General information for you newcomers to The Blue House

Arriving To The House

If you are coming from Queen Alia International Airport, then you have three options to come to Amman city center:  

Airport Taxis

Cost: 25-30 JD and stress level: LOW

You can take a taxi from the airport to the address directly, airport taxis are easy to find outside of the airport building, give the address to the taxi driver and ask him how much he will take.  

There are a lot of unofficial drivers who will cost less but they will drive you in their own private cars, please don’t go with them, they are not to be trusted and they are not safe to drive with.  

Cost: 9 JD, Stress level: HIGH

There is a public bus from the airport to the North bus station (also called Tabarbur bus station), the bus leaves every one hour, and costs around 4 JD.  

To take the bus go to the arrival floor, head to the ticket office, pay the ticket fees and ask the cashier where the bus will stop, jump onto the bus and enjoy the ride until you reach the North bus station.  

The bus ticket is 4JD and the ticket office takes only cash and the exact amount as they don’t have a return so make sure you exchange 10$ or equivalent into JDs inside the airport before you leave, you don’t need to exchange more.  

Once you are at the North bus station, you will find a lot of taxis, ask any of them to take you to the address, taxi will cost around 5 JD, don’t pay more since some driver will try to take more, tell the taxi driver that you will pay only 5JD, if they refuse, find another driver, there are many in the bus station. 

Be aware of: 

In the airport there will be some taxi drivers telling you that the bus is not working and that you must take a taxi, they will play all types of games and convince to take a taxi including lying about the law and their family straggle, don’t listen to them.  

When you arrive to North bus station, taxi drivers will try scamming you, sometime they force you to get into the car with them by taking your ledge and put them in their car or they will act rude to scare you, be aware and always keep your ledge with you, don’t get into a car before you agree on the price.

Recommended for the first-time comers

Cost 22JD and stress level is LOW 

We have a deal with a car rental company to provide affordable and safe airport transportation service, they provide a car with driver to pick you from the airport and drive you directly to the house, the driver will wait for you with a paper of your name, once you go out of the gate you can easily spot him.  

The driver knows exactly our location and he will contact us once he picks you and before he arrives to the address where we will be waiting for you 🙂  

Phone and Internet Service

Phone SIM Card

Phone and Internet SIM Card are very cheap in Jordan comparing to the globe, SIM Card cost one-time payment of 8 JD and then you can charge it with a monthly bindle of your choose, we recommend the 12 JD bindle, which gives you 2000 minutes of calls (about 1 and a half days of calls !!! ) and unlimited SMS to local numbers and 10GB of internet.  

Phone and internet coverage are very good in Jordan, except for the deep desert, you can get connection everywhere in Jordan, there are 3 big Telecom companies in Jordan, all of them are good, we recommend Orange Company as they have the most stable service.  

Once you are ready to have a SIM card, please let us know and we will connect you with one of the authorized sellers and they will help you to get the best monthly bindle for you, (please note that once you select a monthly bindle, you can’t change it so you will need to buy a new SIM card if you wish to change it). The authorized sellers will also help you to install the SIM card and activate it for free.  

Internet Service. 

All our houses have 160mb fiber network internet with WIFI that covers all the over the house, the WIFI is password protected but anyone is welcome to connect to it, of course priority is for the residents, WIFI name and password are available on request.  

In Jordan, almost all places Jordan have WIFI service, there are a lot of free places where you can hangout and use the internet for free like Shoman library, also almost all places offer WIFI for the costumers for free.  

BedSheets, Pillows and Towels ​

We understand the importance of having good essentials and the struggle of packing them into your already-full suitcase, this is why we provide all the essentials that you need for free in our houses. 

Every new resident will have the following : 

  • Two brand new bedsheets with 4 pillow covers. 
  • Two clean and freshen pillows.  
  • One brand new big bath towel. 
  • One brand new hand towel.


And if you need more essentials, we can show you where to buy them with very good quality and cheap prices.