Flexible Renting Policy

In our community we believe that houses are places to calm down and relax and they should not be a reason to stress, thus we build a policy to handle rent and payment to make you relax and have confidant in our community, The policy ensure that you pay as you can while not effecting the sensibility of the community, As you might already now, we don’t use the community to make money rather than we use the money to build the community. 

The  Flexible renting Policy is :

  • First month rent is calculated for the days you stay only, For example if you arrive on the 12-sep, you will pay rent for 12/sep – 30/sep which is 150JD.
  • You pay for the half month you stay at the end of your stay, For example if you are leaving at 13-Feb, you will pay half month which is 125JD, and if you are leaving on the 20-Feb, then you will pay for the full month which 250JD. 
  • Rent is due in the first week of your arrival or the first week of month after the first month, anytime you find yourself ready to pay, we will be there to collect it from you.
* Number are calculated based on 250JD monthly rent, if your rent is different , well, you got the idea, I hope !!